Qvantum ISH 2023

Heat pumps for sustainable cities

Qvantum offers heat pumps for the next generation heating and cooling technologies that enables the decarbonization of our cities.

Carbon neutral heating made easy

Heating and cooling is being transformed

To reach net zero carbon heat pump technology is a key enabler. Densely populated areas require new solutions as low temperature grids, where energy sources can be efficiently used and distributed to heat pumps in buildings or apartments.

Qvantum has a deep knowledge in both heat pump technology and system engineering.

Our mission is to provide innovative and efficient heat pump solutions, making it easy for everbody to decarbonize the heating and cooling market.


Proven heat pump design, industrial grade components and thorough testing of each delivered heat pump ensures a long lifetime, often more than 20 years.


Innovative solutions, like the Qvantum economizer and simultaneous heat generation and defrosting, make sure that your operational costs are low. The system design focus, ensuring the right equipment, enhances the performance further.


The heat pump configuration is adapted to the specific needs of the installation. The Qvantum control system gather and monitor operational data and makes it easily available, either as part of the building management system or isolated.


Decades of experience from commercial heat pumps have resulted in design optimized for efficient installation, reliable operation, user friendly and hassle-free operation.


For all phases of your heat pump solution project, from design to maintenance, highly competent technical support is available. Qvantum is committed to make it easy for the customers throughout the solution lifetime.

Solutions for your project

The Qvantum standard product range provide solutions for many applications. To achieve optimal system performance further adaptations are also possible.

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Heat pumps arrangement

A Heritage of Innovation

Qvantum was founded 1993 with a vision to develop innovative high quality heat pumps. Today Qvantum continues on this path developing the solutions needed for decarbonization of our cities.

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