Changing the way

the cities of Europe are heated

modular design

With a revolutionary modular design and innovative production methods, our full range of heat pumps cover any needs, with capacity from 4 to 192 kw.

Intuitive & Powerful Digital Tools

Our innovative products are enhanced by state-of-the-art software intelligence that ensure unparalleled performance and a suite of intuitive digital tools for everyone.

Digital tools that transform many days of work into minutes of effort.

Sustainable road map

accelerating the transition to sustainable cities

Qvantum has sustainability at its core. Using certified ultra-low GWP refrigerants in our heat pumps that make climate-neutral energy solutions possible.

Systemic Thinking

The challenge of zero emission heating and cooling of cities of tomorrow needs innovative, systemic thinking today.

With world leading expertise in ambient loop grids and next generation district heating, our heat pumps are designed with urban energy systems in mind.

Qvantum Systemic thinking
The best way to build a new company

our legacy takes us to the next level

The best way to build a new company is to start with a successful old one. To meet the challenges of heating and cooling needs of today, we complemented Qvantum’s proud history of more than 30 years with leading industry minds, injecting hundreds of years of combined experience in every facet of modern energy solutions. 

it´s all about the people

Driven by a passion for a sustainable future, built by a team of industry experts, and using groundbreaking innovation, Qvantum is changing the way cities of Europe are heated.

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