Qvantum’s vision

For the many people

With Qvantum heat pumps, we enable the many people with thin wallets to live a life without dependencies on fossil fuels.


A Giant Leap Into the Future

Qvantum acquires high-tech manufacturing facility from Electrolux Group with a future production power of one million heat pumps per year.

  • Qvantum makes landmark acquisition from leading global appliance company Electrolux Group of a high-tech refrigerator manufacturing facility in Hungary, strategically located in the European ‘heat pump valley’
  • Production power to increase by one million electric heat pumps yearly once conversion of the facility is completed, making Qvantum one of the largest producers in Europe
  • Strengthens Qvantum’s position in decarbonizing and electrifying urban areas and cities across Europe by providing smart, easy to install and service, and affordable electric heat pumps to the broader public


To leap into a bold future, we first needed to start with a solid foundation. And that is exactly what Mats Nilsson and Henrik Berglund created when they founded Qvantum more than 30 years ago as two of the most revered and respected experts in the Swedish heat pump industry.

As pioneers in a then burgeoning field, Mats and Henrik paved the way for the growing industry today that is so vital to the entire planet’s future sustainability goals, through groundbreaking innovation and perseverance.

Over 30 years of Qvantum heat pumps
Qvantum Energy System

It’s all about the people

Lead by entrepreneur and industry veteran Fredrik Rosenqvist, the new Qvantum boasts a growing team of some of the brightest and most experienced minds in the business.

Fredrik’s vision of “a new kind of company for a new kind of city heating” was sparked as he was introduced to Qvantum while working on the 5th generation district heating systems, the kind that Qvantum now specializes in. To make this vision a reality Fredrik began to assemble a team of unparalleled pedigree and skills, bringing a like-minded passion for innovation, a bold vision for the future, and hundreds of years of expertise to the company. 

“We are a group of people with a vision,” Rosenqvist says. “To make this vision come true, we must make sure that it is shared by the people who are the best in their respective fields. We can only achieve this if we create a company that these people want to be a part of and where they can grow professionally as well as personally. By creating such a company, we get the best people to work with the best ideas. And that is why we will succeed.”