Privacy Policy Qvantum Industries

Qvantum Industries AB and our subsidiaries comply with applicable privacy
legislation at all times when we process personal data. We believe that the protection
of personal data is important and strive to design our information management
systems with respect for this. Our starting point is not to process more personal data
than is needed for specific and legitimate purposes. We strive to ensure that stored
personal data is correct, that it is deleted when it is no longer needed and that it is
protected from unauthorized access. We have routines and working methods for
within our organization who need the personal data to perform their tasks should have
access to it.


We need to store and process personal data such as name, social security number,
address, e-mail address and telephone number provided to us via contact forms on
our website or otherwise.

The personal data is processed to take measures such as responding to inquiries about
our products and services, entering into or fulfilling agreements, communicating with
customers, suppliers and partners, or managing relationships with our employees. The
personal data may also be used for marketing to recipients in their professional role,
customer and market analyzes, invitations to seminars, training and other professional
contacts regarding our products and services.
We use so-called cookies when visiting our websites. Cookies are used, among other
things, for the purpose of identifying the visitor as recurring, analyzing the use of our
services, compiling a profile of visitors’ interests in order to be able to display relevant
ads on other websites and give the visitor access to third-party services. The visitor is
given the opportunity to accept or reject cookies.

The legal basis for processing depends on the type of processing of personal data we
carry out, which may be a contract, balancing of interests, legal obligation or consent.
Information about the legal basis in the specific case is stated in the specific
information provided in connection with each collection, e.g. via agreement terms,
description of products and services provided or information about cookies.


We do not store personal data longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the
processing. We delete or anonymize personal data if we receive a request for this or if
we become aware that the personal data has become obsolete.
We delete personal data with regard to relevant statutory limitation periods for claims
in relation to customers and suppliers. In some cases, data may need to be stored for a
longer period of time, for example for accounting purposes.


Our starting point is not to transfer personal data to third parties unless it is necessary
to fulfill our obligations under law or agreement. Recipients that may be relevant are
other companies within our group or our suppliers in areas such as IT, shipping and
logistics, technical service, finance and marketing.
Normally, we only process personal data within the EU/EEA. However, personal data
may in certain situations be transferred to recipients outside the EU/EEA who have an
adequate level of protection for personal data.


The data controller is Qvantum Industries AB or the subsidiary that collects and
processes the respective personal data. Persons have the right to contact us for
information about the data we hold about the person; to request rectification or
transfer of data; to request that we restrict processing; to request the deletion of data, or
object to our processing. This is easiest to do by contacting us at:

TELEPHONE: +46 10 332 00 50

If anyone is dissatisfied with our processing of personal data, there is alternatively the
right to file a complaint with the Privacy Protection Authority or another competent
supervisory authority.