Code of Conduct

A message from the CEO

Ethical behaviours are at the core of who we are. At Qvantum we have a firm belief that only when we act ethically we can create successful and sustainable business. Acting ethically is our joint responsibility and we help each other to keep this commitment. All of us are together co-creating a company we can feel proud off, a place where the every day work is guided by integrity, respect and moral values for the best of our planet, people and business.

We operate in full compliance with laws and regulations applicable to our operations. Our business is conducted in accordance with this Code of Conduct and applicable policies. If the Code contradicts local laws- then the stricter should apply, provided that the code does not violate the law.

Still this Code of Conduct cannot cover all dilemmas, paradoxes and challenging situations we will face on our journey. When it is not obvious what is the right way to act, or you encounter violations of the Code, do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help from your immediate manager or a member of the Qvantum Management team. You should know that if you raise or report a possible misconduct, Qvantum has a non-retaliation policy. That means that there are no adverse work-related consequences for employees who raise possible misconduct in good faith. If you feel that you would rather raise your concern anonymously, you have the possibility to do so via the whistleblower function available on our homepage.

Fredrik Rosenqvist on behalf of the Qvantum Board
CEO Qvantum Industries

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1. Respect for People and Human Rights

Working hours and compensation
We aim to have a responsible approach in regard to compensation. As a minimum, all employees are compensated in line with or above legal minimum

Freedom of association
The freedom of association is a fundamental Human Right. Qvantum is committed to building constructive relationships, transparent dialogue and to engage with employees and their representatives to develop an open working environment.

Discrimination is not accepted
No one is discriminated against based on personal characteristics or beliefs such as gender, age, race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion. We treat everyone with respect and courtesy and employees are treated according to their ability and qualification in any employment decision.

Zero tolerance for harassment
We treat each other with respect, dignity and courtesy. Harassment, bullying and victimization is not tolerated in any situations. Harassment can take the form of written and verbal remarks, gossip, jokes, offensive language and comments. Bullying can take form as insulting, intimidating or malicious behaviour against one individual by a team or a manager in authority. Victimization can take form in reoccurring negative actions directed against individual employees.

No tolerance for Child labor and forced labor
There is no tolerance for child labor or forced labor, involuntary or trafficked labor in any form. Additionally, we have zero tolerance for any abuse, exploitation or sexual activity with any person against their will or for payment when travelling on business trips or in other ways representing the company.

Our work environment is safe and sound
Our commitment to health and safety goes beyond compliance with rules and legislation. Health and safety is a key priority when we perform our different job tasks and we always follow safety instructions in our workplaces. We strive to eliminate and reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and maximize the wellbeing of all employees.

Zero tolerance for corruption
Corruption is the abuse or misuse of entrusted power for personal gain. This extends to all business dealings and transactions in all countries where we operate. Anyone representing Qvantum, including third parties, must not participate in or endorse any corrupt practices..

Bribery is not allowed
Bribery in the form of offering, giving, demanding or receiving something of value to influence a transaction or decision is not allowed. Bribes can be cash, gift cards, gifts, commission or kickbacks, travel, entertainment or other things of value to the receiver.
Business gifts and hospitality should be acts of goodwill with moderate value and not influence or reward doing business with Qvantum.

Our products are made with quality and safety
We comply with legal requirements and our own additional standards for quality and safety when our products are designed, developed, manufactured, marketed and sold. We deliver our products to customers only when they are tested, quality requirement and safety standards are fully met. Products and services are accurately presented and information on quality and safety is easily accessible to the customer.

Business activities with integrity
Situations where a private or personal concern appears to be incompatible with the interest of Qvantum must be avoided. The best way to handle conflicts of interest is to avoid them but if they do arise you must be open and transparent about the situation to find a proper solution. Some examples of conflict of interests are to be found with employment that is outside of your job contract and where one jobs interests conflict with the other, where family members or relatives are hired and supervised by each other or when goods and services are purchased from a relative or friend with no transparency of the procurement process

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3. Protecting our company’s assets

We protect our intellectual property
Qvantum´s intellectual property such as know-how, ideas, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, domain names, designs and copyrights are valuable assets. We have a responsibility to protect these values so they are not compromised, misused or wrongly disclosed. Intellectual property developed by you during your employment remains the property of the company after you have ended your employment

Confidential information is protected
Information is a valuable asset. Confidential information can be financial information, trade secrets, prices, sales, profit levels, strategies, plans, contractual information, customer and supplier information and information about new products. We protect and carefully handle confidential information and only share with third party when there are non-disclosure agreements in place. We are careful with what information we post and discuss on social media as we do not know who can see it.

How we protect personal data
We respect every individual’s fundamental right to protect personal data irrespective of nationality or residence. Employees at Qvantum may only access personal data if it is necessary for the job requirements and will then treat is as confidential. Qvantum complies with applicable data privacy rules for collecting, storing and using personal data.

4. Respect the environment

Local laws and regulations may vary and are in some cases weaker than our ambitions and internal standards. We are committed to not take shortcuts although the law might allow it, we act ethically and environmentally friendly. We use our resources wisely, e.g. energy, water, chemicals and address waste as soon as we spot it. We also minimize travel to reduce our footprint and when we do travel we always evaluate the environmentally friendly alternatives

5. If you have concerns or are in a difficult situation ask yourself these questions

  • Is the decision or action considered legal?
  • Would I feel comfortable to tell others, like family and friend outside the company, about my (or others) actions or decision transparently?
  • Would I feel comfortable if my (or others) actions or decisions were reported on the front page of the newspaper?

If the answer to any of the above questions is No and you feel uncomfortable in the situation, reach out to your immediate manager or any member of the Qvantum Management team.

6. When a violation occurs

In many cases the rules of the Code of Conduct are based upon requirements of law. Any failure could result in disciplinary actions against you, and depending on the circumstances this could also include dismissal. And it could also lead to legal sanctions being taken against Qvantum.

7. Whistleblower Channel

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