Qvantum QG Series

Ground source heat pump

  • Available in 6 kW and 12 kW output and inverter control to meet the comfort demands of the home.
  • Low refrigerant quantity enables installation anywhere.
  • Support for active cooling as standard or passive cooling as an option.
  • Excellent serviceability through click-fittings and replaceable compressor modules.
  • Instantaneous domestic hot water for comfort as well as efficient legionella prevention.
  • Future proof connectivity.
  • Dedicated app for installers and advanced users.

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Qvantum QG Ground source heat pump
Qvantum – All in One


Integrated heating, cooling & hot water in one system

Qvantum QCloud

Natural refrigerant

R290 – Ultra low GWP Refrigerant High supply temperature

Qvantum QCloud


Open API & smart algorithms – integrated connectivity

Qvantum QG Series

The Qvantum QG is an efficient geothermal heat pump that provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Due to its modular design, the QG heat pump is suitable both for single households with individual collectors as well as in low temperature grid applications, where it serves individual properties as well as multifamily dwellings.

The heat pump is inverter controlled and has an integrated buffer tank. Thanks to its light weight and easily interchangeable compressor module, it offers excellent serviceability. The inverter control automatically adjusts to the comfort demands of the home, thus minimising energy consumption.

Domestic hot water is produced instantaneously with heat from the integrated buffer tank. The buffer tank can also be used to avoid energy peak prices for both heating and hot water. The QG heat pump has a heating capacity of 6 kW or 12 kW output and supports both single- and three phase connections. The heat pump can also provide active or passive cooling. The technology behind the Qvantum modular heat pump is protected by multiple patents.

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