Product Type: Liquid/water

  • Qvantum RSe

    Qvantum RSe

    The temperature to the heating system is controlled according to the selected outdoor temperature compensated curve. Hot water preparation, if such a function is required, takes place via a switching valve that momentarily raises the temperature in the water heater to the set point as a priority. In bivalent systems, the control system switches on…

  • Qvantum RS/2

    Qvantum RS/2

    Figure 1. Principal layout showing the refrigerant circuit Figure 2. Change in performance as a function of flow temperature, at brine +0 °C/-3 °C. Figure 3. Change in heat output as a function of flow temperature, at brine +0 °C/-3 °C. Qvantum QLC Control System Qvantum RS/2 is equipped with the QLC control system as…

  • Qvantum VS

    Qvantum VS

    Qvantum QLC Control System The Qvantum VS is equipped with the Qvantum QLC control system as standard. QLC stands for Qvantum Logic Controller. The unit is controlled and operated via the principal of liquid condensation or solid/half solid condensation. All control parameters, such as outdoor temperature compensated set-point curve for supply, hot water temperature, and…