Exhaust Air heat pumps

  • Inverter technology for high and economical heat output
  • For both new build and replacement of existing heat pump
  • One of the quietest exhaust air heat pumps
  • Low height enabling cost-efficient and flexible installation
  • 6 years safety insurance included
  • Capacity from 3.5-6.5 kW for all dwellings up to 220 m2

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Qvantum ETK
Qvantum High Performace


Optimized for lower operating economy

Qvantum Low noise


One of the quietest exhaust air heat pumps on the market

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Low height makes it easy to place

Qvantum ETK

Qvantum ETK

The Qvantum ETK exhaust air heat pump is an all-in-one product for heating, ventilation, hot water and heat recovery. The low noise level makes it one of the quietest exhaust air heat pumps on the market. With its stylish design and low height, it is an easy product to place.

Qvantum ETK is a flexible exhaust air heat pump for both new construction and replacement market. It has an included warranty for 6 years (with possibility for extending it up to 16 years)!

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