Nu gör vi värmepumpar till en del av lösningen för att stabilisera elnätet

We make heat pumps part of the solution to stabilize the electrical grid

When we started the new Qvantum, the plan was never just to become another traditional heat pump manufacturer. We wanted to be part of the full solution to society’s energy problems. Behind every Qvantum heat pump is a team of experts in heat pump technology, power grids, district heating, and software development. Most of them with a long experience from industry giants. Now it’s time to reveal what we have been working on – our first heat pumps are on their way out from the factory in Sweden. At the first glance, they may appear to be regular heat pumps, but beneath the surface you find innovative innovations that will change how we control energy – both now and in the future.

Society is electrifying rapidly now, and energy production from unpredictable sources like solar and wind is becoming a larger part of the energy mix. This is one of the reasons why electricity prices can very volatile fluctuate quickly and something that requires entirely new solutions. That’s where our heat pumps and systems come into the picture. High COPs are no longer enough, even if that remains the basis of a good heat pump. The heat pump must also be able to store and manage energy in a smart way, not just for your household but for your area and for society at large.

Our goal is to make every heat pump from Qvantum a significant part of the energy system. By heling in evening out and balancing electricity consumption it can actually affect the price of electricity.

Thermal Batteries

Our heat pumps act as thermal batteries – both individually and in groups. A thermal battery is, simply put, any device that stores energy in the form of heat. By using excess electricity to store heat, it’s possible to even out the curves in power consumption and help lower the cost. All types of batteries can also be used as of what’s called ‘synthetic inertia’. Creating intertia that helps balancing the power grid, and it is here the heat pump can play a decisive role.

When there is a good supply of electricity at a low price, Qvantum’s heat pumps can be overcharged up to 90 °C and then store the heat for a time. Moreover, all our heat pumps are inverter-controlled, which means that the power output can be varied continuously.

All this is included in all Qvantum Heat Pumps without any extra costs. It is controlled by our AI software, which takes into account a range of factors, such as electricity prices, temperature, wind, and sun, and a user profile that optimizes the heat pump’s operating profile. This technology helps us to effectively manage energy storage and create more reliable and cost-efficient electricity use.

Heat pumps working together

All Qvantum’s heat pumps can work together – either through our own software or someone else’s through an open API, and then the effect becomes even stronger. If 1000 heat pumps power down, we’re talking about several Megawatts in reduced power need, which can make a big difference for a city with increased electricity loads. When sun or wind assist in creating a surplus of electricity out on the grid, our heat pumps can absorb this by charging up in advance for upcoming energy needs. By helping the power grid to manage both peaks and valleys, a completely new electricity economy is created. Where our heat pumps help every household to help each other – and actually the whole of society.

We’re all facing new challenges and opportunities. And we look forward to addressing them together with you.