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Switching to renewable energy sources isn’t enough to make in-house operations carbon-neutral. Businesses need to be adapted to become fully part of the net zero transition, optimising plant efficiency and monitoring energy usage.

We are a net-zero engineering consultancy, with a mission to help you make sense of available energy storage options.


Focused solutions that maximise the
long-term financial value.

Stand out energy solutions that capture the imagination of all stakeholders.

Winning bid strategies with a focus on decarbonisation and future-proofing.

We provide expert design services
and solutions.

Helping to create tender documents and designs to create winning bids.

Qvantum Solution Design stands as a trailblazing net-zero engineering consultancy, dedicated to guiding you through the abundance of available energy storage options. Our mission is to seamlessly bridge the gap between your energy needs and the realisation of net-zero outcomes. We achieve this by integrating tangible, real-world experience with a professional consulting approach firmly rooted in strong values.

From the initial design phase to tender support and on-site delivery, our expert team is poised to advise you at every step of your journey. Hybrid Energy Storage was founded by Michael Moggeridge in 2017, aimed to establish a consultancy committed to doing the right thing with unwavering efficiency. This ethos has propelled us to contribute to some of the most significant and groundbreaking projects across the UK and Europe.

In 2022, Hybrid Energy Storage proudly became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qvantum, a market leader in heat pumps. This strategic partnership enhances our capacity to expedite the deployment of net-zero energy storage solutions, particularly in urban areas, by spearheading the decarbonisation of heating.

Central to our success, is our commitment to fostering a team of exceptional individuals whom we empower to be their most authentic and successful selves.


Our strength lies in our attentive approach, we actively listen to comprehensively understand your unique needs in any given context. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we adeptly translate your brief into a meticulously defined solution that not only aligns with your specifications but also culminates in a high-quality deliverable. Transparency is paramount in our interactions, as we communicate our capacity and capabilities, ensuring that our solutions are consistently delivered punctually, within budgetary constraints, and with results that surpass expectations. Our contractual process is set apart by simplicity, and our commitment is underscored by a positive and amicable demeanour. The majority of our clientele originates from repeat business and recommendations, reflecting our absolute dedication to projects aligned with our core competencies.

We possess profound expertise in ground source-related initiatives, demonstrating an unparalleled mastery in such schemes. The Managing Director, Michael Moggeridge has two geology degrees, 25 years of postgraduate experience, and 15 years of sector-specific experience as a contractor, consultant, and client.

Drawing upon our comprehensive understanding of low-carbon solutions, including their nuanced strengths and weaknesses, we specialise in crafting hybrid schemes designed for year-round efficiency. Unlike solutions which excel in specific periods but falter in others, our integrated approach ensures consistent and optimal performance throughout every season.

We pride ourselves on our cumulative 80+ years of collective geological expertise within our core team. Our proficiency enables us to meticulously analyse ground conditions prior to drilling, mitigating risks effectively. We articulate our solutions with a deep understanding of their integration into foundation design, ensuring satisfaction among all stakeholders. This expertise resonates throughout the supply chain, allowing for reduced risk considerations in pricing and fostering confidence in our involvement in projects. Coupled with extensive experience in M&E experience, our comprehensive skill set positions us as the preferred choice for any ground source energy project.


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