Mark Vellinga som VD för Qvantum i Nederländerna

Swedish heat pump company Qvantum appoints Mark Vellinga as CEO for Qvantum in the Netherlands

Qvantum continues its European expansion. After setting up operations in the UK and Germany, the time has come for The Netherlands. Mark Vellinga has been appointed as the CEO of the new company – Qvantum Energietechnologie B.V. Mark comes from a role as Commercial Director from one of the leading heat pump companies in the Netherlands.

– The Dutch Market is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and it’s time for everyone to step over to renewable energy sources. What attracted me to Qvantum is that Qvantum has an important and powerful vision – to enable the many people with thin wallets to live a life without dependencies on fossil fuels. While most companies in the industry are solely focusing on hardware and single-family homes, Qvantum also has solutions and strategies for our inner cities.

– The decarbonization of our cities often requires complex solutions. Qvantum has developed a modular heat pump platform and a unique design software suite that will make it easier for installers to design, realize, and service such systems than ever before. Qvantum has a broad offer from design and dimensioning software, hardware, and training of both installers and service technicians. 

– It’s great to work with a new company where there is no legacy, and all minds are open. Still, they have what I think could be the highest concentration of heat-pump and low-energy grid experts in the world. The know-how is mind-blowing – there are people here with 40 years of experience in sustainable technology!

Qvantum was founded in Sweden in 1993 and has been a manufacturer of high-end tailor-made heat pumps ever since. In 2021, a group of energy industry executives made a management buyout (MBO) and started a transformation of the company. 

One of the main focuses is on low-temperature grids – also called “5th generation district heating” and heat pumps for such systems. From large units for central use to the innovative new apartment heat pump that won the ISH award in Frankfurt.

In January 2023, Qvantum received €42 million from leading Swedish investors such as Thomas von Koch (Partner and ex CEO of global private equity firm EQT) investing through his family office, IMAS Foundation (a sister foundation to the INGKA Foundation, owner of INGKA Group operating most IKEA stores globally) and Munters AB – a global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions.