qvantum offers a wide range of efficient heat pumps

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  • Qvantum RSe

    Liquid/Water 27–96 kW

    Qvantum RSe is equipped with the Qvantum QLC control system as standard. QLC stands for Qvantum Logic Controller.

    Qvantum RSe
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  • Qvantum LB4

    AIR-WATER 35–165 kW

    Qvantum LB4 extracts heat from the outdoor air via an outdoor air battery. The heat from the air coil is transferred to the indoor heat pump unit.

    Qvantum LB4 Heat Pump
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  • Qvantum KVP

    Air/Water 41–163 kW

    Qvantum Series KVP is effective when there is a simultaneous heating and cooling demand. It discharges the surplus of either heating or cooling with an outdoor air unit.

    Qvantum KVP Heat pumps
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  • Qvantum RS/2

    Liquid/Water QG32-192RS/2

    Qvantum RS/2 is intended for use in systems where the brine consists of a mixture of water and antifreeze.

    Qvantum RS/2 Heat Pump
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  • Qvantum VS

    liquid/Water 15–79 kW

    Qvantum VS is equipped with speed control, which means that the heat pump can regulate the heating effect continuously according to current needs.

    Qvantum VS
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