Qvantum QA

Air source heat pump

  • Support for active cooling as standard.
  • Excellent serviceability through click-fittings.
  • Suitable for up to 15kW heating capacity.
  • Instantaneous domestic hot water for comfort as well as efficient legionella prevention.
  • Future proof connectivity.
  • Dedicated app for installers and advanced users.
  • Integrated buffer tank that enables true energy peak price shaving for both hot water and heating.

Qvantum QA - apartment heat pump
Qvantum – All in One


Integrated heating, cooling & hot water in one system

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Natural refrigerant

R290 – Ultra low GWP Refrigerant, High supply temperature

Qvantum QCloud


Open API & smart algorithms – integrated connectivity

Qvantum QA

The Qvantum compact sized hydro unit, QH-XL, is a pre-plumbed indoor unit with all necessary functions and connections.

Domestic hot water is produced instantaneously with heat from the integrated buffer tank. The buffer tank can also be used to avoid energy peak prices for both heating and hot water. The hydro unit also havs integrated support for active cooling.

The hydro unit is suitable for up to 15 kW heating applications. Combined with a Qvantum QA R290 monobloc outdoor unit, it offers a complete air-to-water heat pump solution. The QA outdoor unit is available with heating capacities of 9 kW and 15 kW. It can also be combined with Qvantum’s wall mounted hydro unit QH-L to enable flexible installation layouts where space is scarce.


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